YSL Saint Laurent Monogram Chain Wallet Grain De Poudre Textured Matelasse Leather White

YSL Saint Laurent Monogram Chain Wallet Grain De Poudre Textured Matelasse Leather White

YSL Saint Laurent Monogram Chain Wallet Grain De Poudre Textured Matelasse Leather Red

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Yves Saint Laurent classic were not always timeless. They were at some point new, revolutionary, groundbreaking. We look at classic now and praise their simplicity, but each was born from a creative eye and innovation. Classics are inserted into our style history by the tastemakers, made famous by icons, improved upon and updated over time.
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ysl 16422 -red ghw


Classic Saint Laurent flap front wallet
Removable metal chain
Metal interlocking YSL signature 
Matelasse stitching
Gold-toned hardware

Snap front closure
20 card slots, 1 coin pocket
2 receipt compartments
Canvas Lining
Size: 22 x 14 x 4 cm
100% calfskin leather
Genuine imported calfskin leather

Quality: OEM. Materials used are exactly same as the original ones.
What you see in the picture is exactly what you will receive.

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Maddison Murphy
Feb ,15 2024
as a replica, this bag is the stunt double of the LV world. It does all the hard work of looking fabulous without any of the glory of being the real McCoy. It's there to make a statement, and that statement is: I'm here for a good time, not a long time, and definitely not for a lot of money."Pair this baby with confidence, and you've got yourself a companion that'll carry your essentials and your budget-conscious style all in one go. It's for the shopper who loves the look, loves the vibe but also loves keeping their bank account in the green. - Maddison Murphy
Eli Perry
Feb ,11 2024
The bag is rocking that iconic weave, which at first glance might pass for a pixelated image of luxury. It's got a sort of "I've been to the luxury section of the department store, but only for the free samples" vibe going on. The dark color is like the Batman of fashion accessories — it's trying to whisper "mystery" and "sophistication" while swooping into your wardrobe. All in all, this replica Bottega Veneta bag seems to be the plus one for someone who's into high fashion looks without the wallet-emptying commitment. A perfect companion for those who want to dip their toes in the luxury pond without diving headfirst into the deep end of designer prices! - Eli Perry
Feb ,05 2024
Alright, so we're diving into the world of "I-can't-believe-it's-not-Bottega" with this Andiamo bag lookalike! First off, this bag is sporting the classic intrecciato weave that's the hallmark of a Bottega Veneta, but with a twist – it's not from the hallowed halls of the Italian luxury fashion house, but a doppelganger from the streets of Replica-ville.Now, let's talk craftsmanship. If the OG Bottega is the A-list celebrity of bags, this one is the stunt double. It does a pretty decent job of mimicking the luxe look, with its weaved leather that says "I'm fancy" but with a price tag that adds "...but I'm also a savvy shopper." The black leather looks buttery to the touch, and that's always a plus, right? - Tiffany
Eda Mallin
Jan ,30 2024
Hold onto your hat and your Hermes, because this best replica is serving major looks! The Constance has always been the 'Audrey Hepburn of handbags'—timeless, elegant, and always in vogue—and this charming imitation is no exception. It's as black as my coffee on Monday morning and twice as necessary. The gold 'H' clasp? It shines like a beacon of hope when you're trying to find your keys in what might as well be the Mariana Trench of handbags. Remember, this replica Hermes Constance bag is the best i purchased in across all the seller. - Eda Mallin
Tracy Mitchell
Jan ,25 2024
Give it up for the Hermes Lindy's long-lost twin, five stars! This bag is like that perfect piece of toast, just the right shade of tan and buttery to the touch (minus the calories). It's as versatile as my yoga instructor and twice as stylish. The gold accents are like little sunbeams catching your eye, making you feel like Midas might just be your distant relative. Speaking of space, you could fit your essentials, a small circus, and still have room for the dreams you chase on the weekend. - Tracy Mitchell
Jan ,20 2024
Five stars and a high-five to this Hermès Kelly dupe! It's like the Swiss Army knife of handbags - classy, functional, and with a twist of sass thanks to that adorable mini boot charm. The color? A rich, chocolatey brown that makes me crave dessert every time I glance at it. It's versatile enough to go from a boardroom powerhouse to a high-tea hottie without breaking a sweat. Just remember, a replica is like a good joke – the joy is in the delivery, not the longevity. So enjoy the high life without the high price, and when someone asks if it's real, just wink and say, "Darling, it's real... fabulous. - Hazel French
Jenson Motley
Jan ,16 2024
I'm a die-hard Hermes fan, and this online store is a dream come true. They have an incredible selection of Hermes bags, and the shopping experience is seamless. I recently purchased a Birkin from them, and it arrived in perfect condition. The customer service is top-notch too! - Jenson Motley
Lara Maxwell
Jan ,13 2024
Five stars! Picked up this Hermes Birkin blue ostrich bag beauty and, honey, let me tell you, it's like carrying a piece of the sky with a sprinkle of luxury. Every time I take it out for a spin, I feel like I'm in an episode of 'The Rich and the Fabulous.' The ostrich pattern? Textured perfection. It's roomy enough to fit the essentials plus a little extra, like my pet chihuahua... Kidding! (Or am I?) The gold hardware shines brighter than my future, and the craftsmanship has my friends doing a double-take, whispering, 'Is she or isn't she?' Spoiler alert: she isn't, but who cares when it looks this good? - Lara Maxwell
Jestina Nat
Jan ,10 2024
Got my hands on this replica bag from the site, and wow, it’s a stunner! It’s crafted so well, barely tell it’s not the real deal. It feels luxe, looks amazing, and honestly, it’s a total win for my wardrobe. Super happy with this find – it’s a little slice of luxury without the hefty price tag! - Jestina Nat
Jan ,04 2024
Received! It was an absolute joy. It’s stunning. The material feels premium, and the bag is well-made, capturing the essence of luxury at a fraction of the cost. I’m truly impressed and satisfied with the quality and style—it’s a fantastic addition to my accessories! - RF