Return Policy

Return Policy:

If you are not satisfied with the item you received ,you can get an exchange if the following situation happens:

A.The product you received is not the same as the picture,or there is some defect or broken part on the goods,we can provide exchange(and remember that do not remove the plastic handle protector on the handle, cos once removed we assumed the bag was used and cannot exchange) (Please contact us first,and the return request must be no later than 3 days from the day you received it ,because we can not identify if the damage made by customer or ourself ).

Notice:Please provide actual picture of damaged goods,we will not accept the returned case without proof.

we do not accept exchange/discount/offer if you just simply don't like: 
for design of bag, size, color, Hardware tone.

Reason we fixed this rule because:
Customer will simply order to try on the size and strap length.
Because this will be huge problem if we allow customers change in this way.
Hope every customers understand and double check your order once submitted.
Even if with defect we only provide change same color same size bag. 
This rule fixed because to make sure customers won't simply order this n that to have alook n change other bag

Note: At any reason of returning parcels, shipping cost fee will be at customer side, and if there is import tax charge you will be responsible to pay for it. We don’t take any responsibility on custom seize of the parcel returned. 

B.If the quality is not the problem,you would like to cancel the order due to you change your choice,we can accept exchange.But the products need to be packaging intact and unused.The return shipping fee should be at your account.Moreover,you need to pay the restocking fee per item.If your order total price under 500$,the restocking will be 50$,and above 500$ total price ,that will be 100$ restocking fee.

C. If you provide the wrong shipping address, we shipped out the package lead to it can not delivery successful,we need to reship the items,we will charge the reship fee.And if you would like to cancel the order ,you also need to pay the restocking fee.

Any further details ,please feel free to contact us.

D.If you are not interested in that item any more without any reason,and you want to make a exchange. It is also feasible in that case.But you need to pay the reshipping fee,too

Our policy mandates customers to watch a pre-shipment videos/ photos of their product, highlighting its condition and features. Customers must provide explicit approval post-review, confirming satisfaction with the product. Once approved, the order is finalized, and no returns or exchanges are permitted. This process ensures customer awareness and agreement to the product’s state, making the purchase decision final and binding. Customers bear responsibility for ensuring the product meets their expectations before approving. Approval deems the purchase final and binding, with no returns or exchanges permitted thereafter. This policy ensures transparency and customer satisfaction with their final purchase decision.

We are not responsible for the compensation and the resend fee when you ship back the package to us.When you send then back please make sure the products is well enough and without damage.After you send it back please remember to email us the tracking number. We do not assume items damaged during transport.