Gucci GG Mid-Heel Boot GG crystal mesh 2.9

Gucci GG Mid-Heel Boot GG crystal mesh 2.9" heel 750228

Gucci Jones Distressed Leather Trainers Men Female 232451

Gucci Jones Distressed Leather Trainers Men Female 232451

Gucci Square Back Slingback Pump 764192

  • Genuine imported Calfskin leather.
  • Quality: OEM. Materials used are exactly same as the original ones.
  • What you see in the picture is exactly what you will receive.
  • No-Return/exchange item (Sizes, color, design) for any reason.
  • It is recommended to choose one size larger to ensure the shoes fit well and are comfortable.
  • Availability: In stock
    gg 764192

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    Nov ,22 2023
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    Nov ,22 2023
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    Nov ,08 2023
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    Nov ,02 2023
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