MoneyGram Payment Method

How to complete an order and process payment by MoneyGram:

If you pay via MoneyGram,we could provide up to 10% discount.

MoneyGram is a very easy and quick way to send and receive.We could understand that if it is the first time to shop from us,you will worry about your order. We promise that we wil ship out your items and you will love them.

Select "MoneyGram Money Transfer" as your payment of choice during the checkout process and continue following the steps until you reach the order confirmation page and receive your order number. At this point check your email. You should receive an email with the Western Union details and an explanation of how to make payment.

Click Me to check out how MoneyGram works.

There are two ways of making payment by MoneyGram.

1) Online with your credit card by The process is very simple, hassle free and completely secure. Here is a video that shows you exactly how it works:

How to Make a MoneyGram payment online

2) You can visit any Post Office, Bank or other agents that has the MoneyGram logo and make the payment in person. Here is a video that shows you exactly how this option works:

How to Make a MoneyGram payment in person

Please make sure the spelling of the receiver’s name and details are correct.


Details you need to make the payment:


Select "Pick Up Cash From Agent Location" (as the delivery method)


Country: CHINA


City: GUANGZHOU (no additional address information is necessary)


Receiver name:


First Name: TAN


Last Name: KEAN YONG


Once you paid successfully,please send us the sender’s information to [email protected]

Sender’s  payment information :      

First name:    
Last name:      
Reference Number: 

If you have any questions regarding MoneyGram or anything else please feel free to contact us via email or live chat with us. Thanks